Taho "Dog-umentation"

What is Taho? 🐶

Taho is a free, open-source Web3 wallet built and operated by the same people who use it.
Taho is a community-owned and operated Web3 wallet, built as a browser extension.
Taho will be:
  • Fairly launched ⚖️
  • Sustainably aligned with users 🤲
  • Wholly owned by the community 👪

Community Edition (🐶, 🐶)

Congrats! You are one of the first doggos that gets to play in the dog park! The Taho Wallet is launched as a pre-alpha Community Edition. As part of our commitment to community ownership, the Taho engineers wanted to get a working version into the hands of our community - both so you can see what we've been working and to get your feedback! Take part in the conversation, find your dogpack, and become part of our community by joining our Discord.
Reminder: The Taho Community Edition is a pre-alpha release of the wallet, so please use with care. If you don't know what you are doing, please do not use the pre-launch edition of this product. Only test with small amounts and join our Discord!
Please check out Before Getting Started for a list of features that are not in the Community Edition and for additional warnings.

Why Taho? (🐶, 🦴)


Taho is an opportunity to deliver a wallet built on openness through its product, culture, code, and community. When MetaMask went private in August of 2020, Taho's founders realized that decentralization was under assault from the very proponents of a more open and fair financial system. Our response was to build a community owned Web3 wallet operating on the principles that have guided open source software for the past four decades.
ConsenSys launches MetaMask
ConsensSys switches MetaMask’s codebase to a tiered proprietary license
ConsenSys launches in-wallet swaps on MetaMask charging exorbitant service fees
Tally Ho is announced as the first community owned wallet
Tally Ho publishes code as free and open source under copyleft GPLv3 license
ConsenSys makes $237 million in cumulative fees leading to a $200 million fundraise for MetaMask
Tally Ho calls for delegates ahead of upcoming DAO launch
Tally Ho Launches Community Edition wallet
Coming soon
Fully featured wallet and Taho DAO


Community Owned, Free & Open Source, and Decentralized

Taho Community Edition is one step in the journey to releasing a fully community owned wallet, in order to get community feedback and to show you what has been accomplished so far. In the near future, the full version of the Taho wallet will be released as a DAO. The code for the wallet has been released as free & open source under the copyleft GPLv3 software license, meaning Taho will not be able to close source the code. In order to provide the best community experience,Taho is built on top of a new decentralized web3 stack; this provides better product stability and is philosophically aligned with web3 user expectations that DeFi projects avoid centralization.


Higher transaction success rate via better node connection with Alchemy
Transactions susceptible to single point of failure via conglomerate-owned Infura
Accurate gas estimation via Blocknative infrastructure
Gas estimation issues in legacy infrastructure at the expense of user funds
Comprehensive portfolio view with better token discovery
Manual token aggregation with technical hurdles
Closed source tiered proprietary license
Full wallet will be owned by the community through the Taho DAO
Owned by Consensys

Journey to Community Ownership (🐶,🐶)

Taho is built for users, and owned by the community. The Taho team has taken a series of concrete steps to hand Taho governance over to the community. At the end of November, the Taho source code was released as open source under the copyleft GPLv3 software license. In early December 2021, Taho announced a Call for Delegates to get start building a community of users who are interested in being directly involved with governance. In mid-December, the Taho Community Edition was launched - both to get community feedback and so you can see what we've been working on. In the near future, we will release a full-featured version of the Taho Wallet, which will be launched as a DAO and completely owned by the community.
For more information about joining the community, becoming a delegate, the tools we use for governance, and the timeline to community ownership, check out:

Free & Open Source (🐶,🎾)

Our view is that Web3 should be built on Web3 technology and principles, not a centralized Web 2.0 approach to development. This is why we’ve taken steps to ensure that Taho starts open source and stays open source with the adoption of a copyleft GPLv3 license. This decision also guarantees that the wallet’s codebase is composable with the rest of the Web3 stack and won’t be stolen by a corporation.
We welcome contributions from the developer community. Part of our commitment to using a copyleft software license is that we want developers to feel comfortable contributing to this project without needing to worry that their code will be used by corporate closed source projects. Please check out our contributor guide to join in building Taho: